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Exemple d’une activité autocorrective en anglais :

Exemple d'une activité autocorrective

Instructions : Click on the speaker icon to listen to a part of the telephone conversation between Helena and the Travel agent. Use the information given in the dialogue to complete the timetable. Type the date using numbers only, in this format: DD/MM. For the time use only numbers, in this format: HH:MM. For example: Date 15/06 Time 02:25. Remember that you can pause the dialogue if you need to.

Cliquez ci-dessous pour écouter le fichier son correspondant à l’activité :

Une fois l’activité terminée il est possible d’afficher la transcription :

Helena Bright :

We need to arrive in Morioka, which is near Komatsu airport, on the 27th of March and return to London on the 3rd or 4th of April.
Travel agency:

Just a moment, I’ll check … You need to change flights at Narita airport in Tokyo. We have a JAL flight leaving London Heathrow at 15:40 on March the 25th which arrives in Tokyo at 11:45 the next day local time. The flight to Komatsu leaves Tokyo at 08:30 local time on the 27th and lands at 09:50. Is that suitable?
Helena Bright :

Yes, it is. And the return?
Travel agency:

There is a return flight leaving Komatsu at 11:00 local time on the 3rd of April which arrives in Tokyo at 12:20 but the flight for London doesn’t leave until 19:00 local time, it lands at 22:35 on the 3rd.
Helena Bright:

That’s not a problem, perhaps it’ll leave time for shopping in Tokyo.
Travel agency:

Perhaps, but don’t forget that check-in is always two hours before departure for international flights.

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